Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Senator (MN)


Klobuchar is the only Senate Democrat running for President to support 2019 legislation that weakens efforts to boycott the state of Israel and was a co-sponsor of a 2017 resolution to rebuke the U.N. Security Council for anti-Semitism ( | 2/11/19)

Klobuchar reluctantly supported the Iran Nuclear Deal saying in an official statement “sanctions can be reimposed, and the military option remains on the table,” and has said that she would re-join the deal within the first 100 days of her presidency. (Amy Klobuchar Official Campaign Site)

Unlike other Democrats, while opposing While Klobuchar is opposed to abolishing ICE, she has flip-flopped on her support for a border wall and has voted to provide federal funding to sanctuary cities. (

While Klobuchar rejects the “socialist” label, she has voted with self-described socialist Bernie Sanders 87% of the time and supports tax-and-spend policies like single-payer healthcare (ProPublica | Amy Klobuchar Official Campaign Site)

Klobuchar opposes policies that make America safer, such as the Trump administration’s travel ban. She has also proposed raising the annual refugee admissions cap in her first 100 days of office. (“Amy for America” on Medium)



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