Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator (VT)


Sanders opposed moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, has opposed multiple pieces of legislation to weaken efforts to boycott Israel, and boycotted Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 address to Congress. (Times of Israel | 02/29/20, The Hill | 07/23/19, ABC News | 02/09/25)

As a U.S. Senator, Sanders voted in favor of the Iran Nuclear Deal and released a statement calling President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal and re-impose sanctions “reckless” and “dangerous.” ( | 05/08/18)

Voted for $46 billion in border security in a 2013 compromise bill, but now calls efforts to fund $5.7 in border security a “waste of money.” (RealClearPolitics, 12/23/18)

In 2016, Sanders wanted to make “major unilateral cuts” to the U.S. missile defense reserve. (Politico | 02/18/16)

Sanders has openly referred to himself as a ‘socialist’ or ‘democratic-socialist’ for decades and has defended socialist nations like The Soviet Union and Venezuela. (Politico | 07/17/15, Washington Times | 10/01/2019)

Sanders has argued that the U.S. should not take the lead role in defeating ISIS. (



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