Beto O’Rourke

Former U.S. Representative (TX)


Believes U.S. support of Israel is “damaging.”

In a tweet, Beto called the Iran Nuclear Deal “a critical international effort” in a show of support for the agreement.

Not only has Beto said on numerous occasions that we don’t need a Wall and called for the abolishment of ICE, in a 2015 tweet he actually said America should “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” in reference to existing structures on the southern border.

In 2014, O’Rourke was one of only 8 members of Congress to vote against the H.R. 1130, which allowed the President to provide assistance to Israel and intercept small to medium-sized rockets targeted at Israel.

Opposes military intervention to defeat radical, Islamic, terrorist groups, calling military intervention as a: “factor in the destabilization in the Middle East.”

Beto refers to himself as a “capitalist”, yet he has voted for numerous anti-capitalist policies.

Beto supports citizenship for radical refugees, saying that the U.S. needs to “provide a path” to citizenship for refugees.

You aren’t serious about border security if you don’t support the Wall.

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