Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator (MA)


While Warren in the past has supported Israel on issues like funding in 2014 during the Gaza War, she boycotted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 speech to Congress and has opposed legislation that would weaken efforts to boycott the state of Israel. (The Times of Israel 2/8/19 | The Jerusalem Post 7/10/16)

As a U.S. Senator, Warren voted in favor of the Iran Nuclear Deal and in an official statement called President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement “a recipe for disaster.” (NBC Boston | May 8, 2018)

Despite previously saying that immigrants need to “obey the law”, she has called President Trump’s plan to build a Wall on the southern border “dumb” and “cruel,” while also calling for illegal immigration to be decriminalized. (RealClearPolitics |7/1/18 , Fox News | 6/25/19)

In a speech earlier this year, Warren urged cuts to “our bloated defense budget,” and has introduced bills in the Senate to block the development of necessary missile technology. (The Hill | 01/25/2019)

Warren has called for “big structural changes” to the American economy, including imposing new taxes on the highest earners in order to pay for radical new programs like the Green New Deal and single-payer healthcare. (Elizabeth Warren Official Campaign Site)



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