Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator - Massachusetts,

2013 - Present


While Warren in the past has supported Israel on issues like funding in 2014 during the Gaza War, she boycotted Israel Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 speech to Congress and has opposed legislation that would weaken efforts to boycott the state of Israel. (The Times of Israel 2/8/19 | The Jerusalem Post 7/10/16)

As a U.S. Senator, Warren voted in favor of the Iran Nuclear Deal and in an official statement called President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement “a recipe for disaster.”

She has called President Trump’s plan to build a Wall on the southern border “dumb” and “cruel,” while also calling for ICE to be replaced, describing it as “ugly and wrong.” (RealClearPolitics, 7/1/18 | Boston Globe, 1/23/19)

Warren believes Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel…but opposes moving the U.S. Embassy there.

Kirsten Gillibrand is the biggest flip-flopper of them all on immigration!

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