Joe Biden

Vice President - Pennsylvania,

2009 - 2017


As Vice-President, Biden publicly expressed “overwhelming frustration” with Israel, and the Obama-Biden administration supported UN Resolution 2334 that declared the Western Wall in Jerusalem as Palestinian territory. (The Jerusalem Post, 12/11/18 | The Guardian, 4/19/16)

Biden was on of the chief architects of the Iran Nuclear Deal and shepherded its approval through the Senate as Vice-President, calling it “a good deal.” When President Trump withdrew from the deal, Biden slammed him saying, “Talk of a ‘better deal’ is an illusion.”

Despite consistently criticizing President Trump on the issue of border security and the Wall, Biden voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006 as a U.S. Senator and said “I’d be inclined to do that,” when asked if he would compromise and fund the Wall in exchange for DACA protections. (Newsmax, 2/6/19)

Joe Biden repeatedly calls the Iran Nuclear Deal that lifted sanctions and gave over $100 billion to the terrorist regime a “good deal.”

Kamala Harris is clueless about why we need the Wall!

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