Joe Biden

Former Vice President


Biden was one of the chief architects of the Iran Nuclear Deal and shepherded its approval through the Senate as Vice-President, calling it “a good deal.” When President Trump withdrew from the deal, Biden slammed him saying, “Talk of a ‘better deal’ is an illusion.”
(New York Times | 09/13/15, The Hill | 05/18/18)

Joe has flip-flopped on immigration. In 2006, he called for building a fence to stop the ‘tons’ of drugs coming from ‘corrupt Mexico,’ and called for punishing employers who hire ‘illegals.’ Now he opposes building a Wall and supports amnesty for illegal aliens.(CNN | 05/10/19, Reuters | 12/10/19)

The Obama-Biden administration was undoubtedly one of the most anti-Israel administrations in our nation’s history, regularly disrespecting this important ally. (Washington Post | 1/20/16)

These guys don’t know what they’re talking about,” in reference to Trump’s plan to use military force to disband radical, Islamic terrorist groups. Trump ultimately was right, as his strategy has wiped out the ISIS terrorists in the middle east that the Obama-Biden administration allowed to flourish.
(Biden, The Hill, 2016)



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