John Hickenlooper

Former Governor (CO)


Hickenlooper has expressed support for the state of Israel after visiting the country, describing it as “the most remarkable seven-day trip of my life, without question.” As Governor of Colorado he signed legislation divesting the state from any business that engages in boycott of Israel.

While he never publicly stated whether he supported or opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal, he said during the negotiations that he didn’t believe that the U.S. would put Israel at risk, also acknowledging, “I think Netanyahu’s concern is that our tolerance for risk might be higher than Israel’s.”

When President Trump called on Governors to send National Guard troops to the southern border in 2018, he withheld Colorado from participating. As Governor, he also oversaw Colorado’s status as a sanctuary state, shielding criminal illegal aliens from ICE.

At the California Democratic Convention, Hickenlooper said, “Socialism is not the answer.”

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