Kamala Harris

U.S. Senator (California)


Harris was previously supportive of President Trump’s action to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has also traveled to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, she voted against legislation that would weaken efforts to boycott Israel in 2019, caved to anti-Israel radicals by boycotting the AIPAC conference in 2019, and refused to condemn Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic slurs. (San Francisco Chronicle 12/7/17 | The Times of Israel 2/8/19)

In an official statement, she called President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal a “reckless” one that “jeopardizes our national security and isolates us from our closest allies.”

Harris has consistently voted against any effort to fund additional border security, even when other Democrats supported compromise deals, calling building a Wall “a waste of taxpayer money.” (Bloomberg, 1/18/19)

On the development of U.S. missile defense system: “the development of these weapons will make us less safe”(Harris 2018, Statement to vote against the NDAA bill)

In April 2019, Harris co-authored legislation that would open America back up to the mass amounts of ‘refugees’ from dangerous parts of the world without proper vetting.

Harris says that she is “not a Democratic-Socialist”, but she has called for eliminating all private health-insurance in favor of a socialized medicine system for America.

Harris voted against the National Defense Authorization Act in 2018 which funds America’s military and keeps our citizens safe.

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