Pete Buttigieg

Mayor (South Bend, IN)


After a trip to Israel, he said, “There’s a risk that support for Israel could come to be regarded as a partisan issue and I think that would be really unfortunate.”

Buttigieg called President Trump’s effort to increase sanctions on the terrorist regime of Iran, “chest-thumping militarism.”

Mayor Pete accused President Trump of making up a crisis at the border and called troop deployments to defend the border “embarrassing,” despite record numbers of illegal aliens attempting to flood across the border. (, 1/31/19)

Buttigieg is on record saying, “Capitalism has let a lot of people down,” indicating potential support for a shift toward Socialism in America.

Buttigieg publicly supports the DACA act and immigration reform policies that would give amnesty to illegal aliens.

In 2015, Buttigieg supported withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan during an unstable time in the area which led to the rise of ISIS, saying, “I think everything will be fine.”

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