Pete Buttigieg

Mayor (South Bend, IN)


While Buttigieg has said that he would keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, he has threatened to cancel U.S. aid to Israel if Israel annexes Jewish settlements in the West Bank. (The Times of Israel – 6/11/19)

Buttigieg called President Trump’s effort to increase sanctions on the terrorist regime of Iran, “chest-thumping militarism and has called the dangerous Iran deal “the real ‘art of the deal'” (Pete Buttigieg Official Campaign Site)

Buttigieg accused President Trump of making up a crisis at the border and called troop deployments to defend the border “embarrassing,” despite record numbers of illegal aliens attempting to flood across the border. (, 1/31/19)

Buttigieg is on record saying, “Capitalism has let a lot of people down” and supports tax-and-spend policies like universal healthcare and free college. (CNN – 4/16/19)

While Buttigieg has advocated for “reasonable security measures” at the border, he has also called for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. (Pete Buttigieg Official Campaign Site)



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