what are the issues?


Stopping the terrorist regime of Iran from acquiring Nuclear weapons has to be one of the top priorities of any U.S. President. Any candidate who expressed support, or voted, for the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal has shown they are not serious about stopping Iran.


The scourge of socialism destroys nations – upending democracy in favor of authoritarian regimes that starve their people and control their citizens by use of military force. America is a beacon of hope for the world that should always stand against these socialist regimes, like Castro in Cuba and Maduro in Venezuela.

defending israel

The Democratic State of Israel is America’s strongest and most important ally in the middle east. American leadership must stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel Рleaving no daylight Рagainst the daily violence they face from terror groups like Hamas.

missile defense

Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy as President includes the opposition of critical missile defense systems in Europe and around the world to defend America from attack. The President of the United States should be a strong supporter of these necessary systems.


Securing America’s borders needs to be a key focus of the White House. This should include increased funding for Customs and Border Patrol, construction of physical barriers on the southern border, and elimination of incentives for illegal immigration.


war on terror

Radical Islamic terrorism flourishes, particularly in the Middle East, in the absence of American leadership and strength. It is in America’s national security interest to stamp out terror groups like ISIS – wherever they appear – as a signal to the world that this militant terrorism will not be tolerated.